Our primary goal is to preserve what’s more, improve our soils’ condition. Restoring the micro- and macrobiological household and keeping it at an optimal level is indispensable for the sustainable tillage, quality cultivation and fight against climate change.

Why is soil treatment important?

Studies show that 200-1000 is needed to form only 25 cm fertile soil (FAO, 2009). Plants living in the soil photosynthesize, produce organic matter from the soil’s nutrients, water, and carbon dioxide. Then they are perished back into the soil, re-feeding the soil – dwelling organisms. Arable land consists of not only minerals, water, organic matter, but also countless microorganisms, like fungi and other organisms visible to the naked eye: each of them contributing to its adequate quality.

According to researches there are several 100 million, even a few billion bacteria, 16 million fungi, 100 thousand fungi, 50-100 thousand algae and 10 thousand protozoa (unicellular animals) in a gram of average soil.

What has been happening to the soil in the recent decades?

Recently there has been a serious process of degradation, mainly due to human activities (destructive tillage, excessive fertilization practices, improper irrigation). An urgent remedy is due to environmental change and the evolution of people’s legitimate needs. Improving soil conditions is crucial if we are to maintain the quantitative and qualitative parameters of production. Ways for the improvement and maintenance of soil’s quality:

  • Proper tillage – using water resources sparingly, ventilating and loosening the soil, creating a crumbly soil structure
  • Maintain proper soil PH levels (between 5.5-7 PH)
  • Optimizing the content of organic matter – organic and green fertilization, and recycling the produced organic matter

Soil is the primary media; its full and complex development can be imagined together with the use of natural materials and agrotechnical solutions. It is why we offer products also of other manufacturers, for faster and better results arising from the synergistic effects.