What is Esstence?

Esstence is an organic mineral complex, with the balanced and complex system of various bacteria and their metabolites. This complex has a beneficial effect on the soil health, the healthy growth of agricultural and ornamental plants in it, as well as on the healthy growth and development of animals (including domestic ones) fed with this supplement.

Technology used in Esstence results in:

  • a natural, 100% organic probiotics,
  • restores the balances of living organisms,
  • decomposes toxins, pathogens and chemicals in a unique way, resulting in:
  • far below the limit value or zero percent toxin / pathogen ratio,
  • excellent product quality with real yield growth.

Unlike the specialized biological products on the market, Esstence is an economical and efficient method of technology for wide range use.

Szükséges erőforrások

munkaerő és gépek az Esstence alkalmazásához

  • simple, easy-to-learn basic knowledge is required for operation
  • easy working process
  • good automatization potentials if required
  • no need for infrastructure
  • simple and economical machines, simple, cheap maintenance
  • easy to transport

Research and development innovation:

Our products are under constant monitoring, testing and developing for the suitability for all area. It is an extremely exciting process during which we can meet fantastic experts, we can meet incredibly exciting issues and mind-blowing achievements. We can enjoy the company of many universities, experts, professional workshops, and marvellous thinkers in our homeland, the Carpathian Basin and all over the world.

Research results and professional awards:

Application fields:

Soil treatment

By the constant update of the technological solutions, we support one of the most important factors, the protection and improvement of the values and properties of the arable soil.

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Crop cultivation

Today, the production of agricultural crops is based on natural processes: Ste technology is one successful and efficient combination of them.

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Animal husbandry

For the sake of our animals, breeders and consumers we have moved the traditional principals of livestock breeding, feeding and farming to innovative ones, solving the long-lasting pressing problems.

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Ornamental plants

It is a perfect combination of expertise and targeted technologies in specialized areas.

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Domestic animals

The general problems and needs of our animals can be easily resolved by our specifically projected products, for the great joy of both pets and their owners!

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Human medicine

One of the most important issues of our lives is our health and the health of our loved ones, that is highly affected by the food and drinks we consume.

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