In all major crop cultivation areas, including ornamentals, we have product combinations that can partially or completely replace undesired chemicals such as dressings, fungicides, pesticides, etc.

Our product, developed specifically for the treatment of lawns and ornamental plants, offers an excellent solution for those looking for 100% natural solutions.

What results are provided by Esstence in the ornament cultivation?

  • significant improvement in the stress tolerance
  • larger roots, better nutrient uptake, higher mineral and vitamin content
  • convincing immune responses
  • opens space for mycorrhizal fungi
  • reduced fertilizer use or fertilizer-free, 100% organic production
  • suitable for any climate and soil structure
  • toxins, pathogens and chemicals in a unique way, resulting in:
  • far below the limit value or zero percent toxin / pathogen ratio

It is also available in a complete technological system from our partner Gábor Éva Molnár (