Reasons to reduce the quantity of fertilizers and chemicals today:

We have product combinations in all major agronomy areas, for the partial or complete replacement of undesired substances, such as dressings, fungicides, pesticides, etc, depending on the condition of the farm.

Regular studies are conducted both in temperate and tropical zones, for newer and improved combinations contrasting the effects of new pathogens and pests.


What to expect from Esstence in farming and crop production?

  • Significant improvement in crops’ stress resistance
  • Bigger roots, better mineral uptake, higher crop yield, higher level of minerals and vitamins
  • Convincing plant immune response
  • Promotes mycorrhizal fungi
  • less or no use of fertilizers, 100% organic production
  • works in any climate and soil structure
  • more cost-effective solution comparing to conventional, chemical crop production
  • healthy food production
  • decomposes toxins, pathogens and chemicals in a unique way, resulting in: far below the limit value or zero percent toxin/pathogen ratio