There has been a significant technological revolution in all areas of our lives, including agriculture and environmental management. We are proud of the over-all knowledge of our various groups of excellent experts by which our products and technologies are developed. By these constant developments authentic, environment-friendly, effective and economical solutions are offered to our business and retail partners in more and more sectors.


Our Team

In all cases and every area, the aim is to develop the most efficient and easy-to-apply solution in terms of process. Our exceptional characteristic is not accepting any unprincipled compromise when it is about partners’, communities’, or nature’s needs. Our team members and close partners are proud of offering you a wide range of solutions based on a new tech platform in many areas of life.

István Szabó

Agricultural engineer working on ’Agribusiness’ over the last two decades (agriculture, food industry, rural development, environmental management, production community, diagnostics, organic production base) development, KFI /National Research Development and Innovation Office/, fitting. He is currently pursuing his PhD studies at the University of Debrecen.

László Farkas

Mathematician/programmer, teacher and chartered accountant. Responsible for the company’s business strategy. Project leader and mentor of several successful KFI /National Research Development and Innovation Office/ applications.

László Szakács †

Biochemist, Head of Development Departments of both Phylaxia and Reanal companies, nationwide recognised consultant of the Agrochemistry system. Outstanding developer, holder of several patents, amazing professional problem-solver in every agricultural sectors. Till his death he was a steadfastly active, warm-hearted, extraordinary man, friend and mentor for many of us.

Mihály Such †

The agricultural community and surroundings of Füzesgyarmat will never forget Him, the first class, practical developer in the 70s, 80s, 90s, reaching extraordinary achievements in the development communities together with university and research workshops. Many young experts became outstanding thanks to him. He actively supported the rise of numerous significant production integrations with his awesome professional and human approach.