Esstence in animal husbandry suitable for:

Complementary feed

There are several and complex problems with herds in the current feeding systems. In most cases, not a single fact causes the problems and symptoms. Toxins, chemicals, antibiotics, intestial injuries, pathogens reinforce each other’s detrimental effects on health. Esstence provides a simple, inexpensive and safe solution to this complex, multifaceted system.

Litter management

The herd is able to handle its litter through its manure (with proper feeding) but of course this can be enhanced by cold fogging or spraying the production areas. What’s more, the chains of infection can be broken, even when the herd is in the barn (with an absolutely chemical free solution).

Pest control

Creating a pest deterrent production environment where their effects are explicitly hampered. This includes flies, mosquitoes, moths, fleas, lice, bugs, mites, worms, weasels, etc. With the help of Esstence application is simple and safe, without causing harm in the herd, since it is 100% natural, besides being also economical and efficient.

Germ feeds

You can produce extremely good physiological effect, highly economical products with this technology. Infrastructure independent, requires no explicit expertise, no preparation. Its effect is clear, fast and accurately measurable.

What are the benefits of using Esstence in animal feeding?

  • economical: the animal reaches the slaughter weight with less feed
  • significant improvement in the stress tolerance
  • convincing immune responses
  • healthy intestinal tract
  • higher rate of pregnancy
  • lower level of death
  • shorter breeding cycles
  • possibility of small and large-scale use in case of intensive and extensive husbandry
  • cost efficient solution comparing to the traditional general, technologies
  • healthy food production
  • higher category food production with lower cost – extra profit
  • decomposes toxins, pathogens and chemicals in a unique way: resulting in: far below the limit value or zero percent toxin/pathogen ratio