Soil treatment

By the constant update of the technological solutions, we support one of the most important factors, the protection and improvement of the values and properties of the arable soil.

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Crop cultivation

Today, the production of agricultural crops is based on natural processes: Ste technology is one successful and efficient combination of them

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Animal husbandry

For the sake of our animals, breeders and consumers we have moved the traditional principals of livestock breeding, feeding and farming to innovative ones, solving the long-lasting pressing problems

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Ornamental plants

It is a perfect combination of expertise and targeted technologies in specialized areas

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Domestic animals

The general problems and needs of our animals can be easily resolved by our specifically projected products, for the great joy of both pets and their owners

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Human medicine

One of the most important issues of our lives is our health and the health of our loved ones, that is highly affected by the food and drinks we consume

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Why use STE-TECH?

User-friendly technology

  • Our customers’, communities’ and environment’s needs are fully-considered and respected in each case
  • All of our projects target the quality and cost reduction of our customers
  • Our work is free from any technological compromise

Proven efficiency

  • In order to support our results, the impact of our products and technologies are regularly monitored both professionally and scientifically
  • For authenticity we advertise our achievements by our satisfied partners
  • Traceability from general verifications to specific results

Research and development

  • Straight collaboration with certified experts and researchers in all emerging professional fields
  • Development of applications and methods for every kind of technological conditions, from the simplest one to the most automated process
  • We do our best to cope with the challenge of opportunities nationwide and all over the world
  • Each achievement reserves new opportunities for further development in our technology service
  • Our aim is to be up-to-date and relevant in our honourable partnerships

Unique microbial diversity

  • Excellent results can be achieved by natural ecosystem
  • Multiple application is possible only by multiple and active living organisms
  • Diversity is of high priority in very unique, heterogeneous systems
  • The joint and simultaneous solution of mixed problems requires especially diverse microbial communities




All animals carry bacteria in their guts, intestinal tracts

Antibiotics are given to animals

Antibiotics kill most bacteria

More resistant bacteria resist and multiply


The most resistant bacteria may spread to…

Animal products, meat

Vegetables through contaminated irrigation water

From contaminated surfaces to prepared foods

From animal excrement to the environment


Resistant bacteria may infect humans

Through contaminated food

due to the contaminated environment


Some resistant pathogenic bacteria may cause…

Light infections and sickness

or even severe disease causing death

*Resource: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –


The use of Esstence and accompanying products has led to an improvement in the already successful
viticulture. It’s natural and works. The “shock” use of high doses has extremely impressive results and
effects on the quality of grapes and wine.

Csaba Raposa

On the dry sand of Kiskunmajsa’s territories, we can produce more and better oats than ever before, in
addition year by year. The prominent harvest in the area is remarkable to many people, who have also
started using the Esstence.

József Horpáczi, horse breeder

I use the Esstence technology products in crop production and animal breeding and I am perfectly satisfied.
It’s visible, measurable, verifiable, natural – these really matter to me.

Árpád Batik

The production data for laying hens are obvious: significant cost-related incremental and uncompromised
compliance to the current and near future regulations using Esstence technology. We will continue more

Farm-agroker Kft.

The Esstence and Ste germ meal has been an integral part of our husbandry technology for four years. The
reasons of their using are simple: surplus profits, uncompromised compilance, the excellent partnership
with Ste.Tech and human interaction with István’s team.

János Szabó, goose collection, / Bende-goose Kft.